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The book was written by author and lowly servant of the most high Elohim, Elimelech Hebrew and it is one for the ages. Hebrew through this book fulfills the prophecy of Malachi in Chapter 3:16 and what was proclaimed by Ad’am the son of Elohim in John 14:25-26 revealing the mystery of Ad’am and his Father. For no man as the Messiah said knew who he was or his Father as it is written in Matthew 11:27. Hebrew the servant and messenger of Yhwh our Elohim was taken by Yhwh in a spiritual vortex for a span of three year 1995-1998 where he was taught of Elohim and his only begotten and beloved son of Ad’am. Get the book; WHO WAS AD’AM? A Book of Remembrance and learn the undeniable truth of the death and resurrection of Ad’am as never before in the history of the earth.

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