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Is the awesome soundtrack to the prophetic and spectacular movie documentary of the same name; Rage to Righteousness 400 Years to Freedom with spiritual conscious tracks that shall evoke your mind to the pass with songs like Dejavu, Your Are, 400 Years to Exodus, Days of Our Lives, Rise, and spiritual hymns Love Has Found Me, Marching in Love, and the hit single Change. This record reveals the journey and life of our people the Hebrew Israelites from our 400 years of bondage to lies started in 1611 to 2011 when Yhwh Passed Over us as prophesied setting us free in his truth at the mouth of his Comforter. Get Rage to Righteousness 400 Years to Freedom and share it with your family and friends for generations as a testimony of our pass.
Song Titles:
1. Blu Moon                7. Change
2. Dejavu                    8. Rage to Righteousness
3. We Be Jammin’      9. 400 Years to Freedom
4. You Are                 10. Days of our Lives
5. Mind Wars             11. Rise
6. Love Found Me     12. Marchin’ in Love

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