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This Color of the Cross Tribute was produced and designed to open the eyes, ears and hearts of our people the lost children of Israel and all who hear this awesome collection of songs. This record delivers on its mission to open the eyes, ears and hearts of all who hear is while glorify Ad’am the beloved Son of Elohim. Revelation and knowledge are felt throughout every song as in the brilliant awe inspiring hymns, Lord of lords and King of kings, You Gave Your Life, I Thank You, and the prophetic psalm The Night Yah Come. Just a few of the fantastic songs from this must have album.
Song Titles:
1. Brotherly Love                        7. Yahweh To Light
2. Ooh Yah                                 8. Lord of lords
3. You Gave Your Life                 9. I Dedicate This Song
4. Redemption Song                10. Color of the Cross
5. I Thank you                          11. Righteousness
6. The Night Yah Come            12. Someday

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