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The book AWAKEN Revelation of Elimelech Shmi Hebrew was written by author and lowly servant of the most high Elohim, Elimelech Hebrew as he was moved by Yhwh write. In this book Hebrew reveals the prophetic phenomena that caused African Americans to recognize that they are the lost children were and is one of Elohim great wonders in the earth. He reveals through the scriptures as never before the phenomena that caused their amnesia was prophesied by the prophet Isaiah who placed this spell of amnesia upon the house of Israel at Yhwh command to close their eyes, ears and hearts. For those who would to awaken from the spell of Isaiah and return to Elohim and live life abundantly read the book; AWAKEN Revelation of Elimelech Shmi Hebrew.

Book Contents:

Epistles of our forefathers
Chapter 1: Called to AWAKEN
Chapter 2: I ate the HOLY BOOK OF ELOHIM
Chapter 3: The Children of Israel sold their souls for food and gold
Chapter 4: The Children of Israel serve Satan and Embrace the Mark of the Beast
Chapter 5: The Devil cloaked As righteousness
Chapter 6: ELOHIM Respect not the evil Nor their offerings
Chapter 7: Give not thy Strength to women
Chapter 8: Mystery, Babylon, the Great, The Mother of Harlots And Abominations of the Earth
Chapter 9: AWAKEN from the valley of the dead

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