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THE BBB IS A GLIMPSE INTO WHAT SHALL BE WHEN ISRAEL: our people rise up from their slave, and idolatrous state of mind and being. For those of you that have  not heard of or don’t know anything about the Big Baller Band “BBB” watch the video and hear the CEO Mr. Ball explain with a tongue of choice sliver for it is written:

Proverbs 10:20 The tongue of the just is as choice silver: the heart of the wicked is little worth.

But what the wicked Gentiles and those lost black people are saying about him and his brand is of little worth. When I heard about Mr. Ball selling his sons shoes for $495.00 I must say it took me by surprise but not long after the price of the shoes announced, I heard all of these Israelites aka black people like Shaq and the present head coach of the Warriors and others asked by Gentiles, would they buy the Ball’s shoes and they said; No! I knew immediately these Gentiles were plotting to stop the success of the Ball’s shoe. These gentiles know how to stop our progress and that’s by using our own people as stumbling blocks, just as they did with our Messiah Ada’m. The excuse they used for not supporting Mr. Ball’s endeavor aka not to buy his shoes is that it is too expensive. I assure you it you asked them if buying an AT&T, Version, Sprint. T-Mobile cell phone for themselves and children for $495.00 is too expensive and they not only have to buy the expensive phone they also have to pay an expensive cellphone bill every month but they don’t have a problem doing that. I tell you: When a man learns his value, he knows his worth.

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